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About Us

How Does It Work?

What’s the turn-around time?

Arrangements will be made prior to or at time of pickup. Average no-rush turnaround is about 2 days. IF you ever need rush return, just let us know- we’ll work with you to coordinate our schedules. 

How do I give you my laundry?

    We will pick up laundry in plastic bags, mesh bags, laundry baskets, plastic bins or however you choose to package it. Laundry baskets work best. Your folded laundry will be returned neatly folded in the same (or similar if for example plastic bags rip) container(s).

If you want items hung, please provide hangers. Too many hangers is better than not enough. Extra hangers will be returned to you or stored for next service.  


What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept cash, personal check (same address as pickup), credit/debit, or PayPal payment. Checks payable to Laundry Fairies.

How Much Does it Cost?

Laundry: (includes, wash, dry, fold)

$1.50/pound unsorted (Laundry Fairies sorts & pre-treats for you)

$1.25/pound pre-sorted (You sort by colors/fabrics, Laundry fairies will divide into loads based on your sort; does not include pre-treat.)

 For small or very lightweight loads, there is a $7 per load minimum charge. (i.e. a load of microfiber rags often weighs less than  a full load.)  

Transportation expense is calculated at $2 per mile from our location in Clovis. (Ashlan/Temperance) 

Weekend or Overnight Rush Service when available is $1/lb additional charge

Extra Services:

    Hanging - Free if hangers provided.

    Hanging- Laundry Fairies provided Hangers 25¢ each

    Hand Press - $2 per garment (best result)

    Specialty Pressing/Steaming price determined on a per garment case. (Ruffles/lace or otherwise labor intensive $3.50, prom dresses, gowns, Curtain panels, etc $8-$15)

$20 minimum for services exclusive of transportation.

Schedule Service or Inquire

By Phone (559) 492-WASH or by email

We strive to give you a prompt response. 

Schedule or Inquire

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We'd Love to hear from you!

We love our customers, so feel free to call during normal business hours, or email anytime!

Laundry Fairies

By Appointment Only- Rush Service Available

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Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday: By appointment

Sunday: Closed